District 2 Community Enhancement Corporation

A nonprofit organization founded to enhance the quality of life through advocacy, programming, and organized community action.



Since our inception, District 2 CEC has partnered with numerous community-based organizations to provide a wide variety of services and programs. Oftentimes government is challenged to meet the needs of its citizens due to the unlimited demand for limited resources. As a result, non-profit organizations are called to fill this void. District 2 CEC has enthusiastically embraced these challenges and is committed to always working with our community to better the place we call home.

As we reflect on the work done, the District 2 Community Enhancement Corporation renews its commitment to sending quality programming to our community.

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One Vision One Voice

The mission of One Vision One Voice (OVOV) is to challenge students to maximize their talent in a way that will nurture their growth and lifetime wellbeing. Students work with local musicians who allow their own works to be used as teaching tools. Students are exposed to the inner workings of songwriting and production, the operation of recording studios and the important business development component of writing and producing music.

Fashion Institute

The Fashion Institute of New Orleans (FINO) is a performance-based program that exposes students to the inner workings of the fashion industry. With industry professionals, students are introduced to photography & videography, skincare & make-up, fashion design & apparel construction, and modeling that culminates with an end of the year fashion show production.

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